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Casino game strategy - rules and gaming tips

Casino game strategy is critical. Have you ever played an online game without fully understanding the rules? If so you are at best just on even chances and at worst putting yourself at a real disadvantage to other players. It is amazing how few players really understand the rules and the best ways of making money at online gaming sites and casinos.

Below we have given rules and casino game strategy top tips for all games at UK Casinos, including blackjack tips, video poker strategy, craps strategy, baccarat tips, fruit machine, slots and roulette tips.

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Detailed tips and strategy on how to play and how to beat the other polayers and the house consistently. Click the links above for a print-off and keep page of essential knowledge and tips

How to play the casino's crazy game of dice? When you step into a casino, chances are the table with all the noise and the action will be the one offering the dice-game craps. For some reason, craps either attracts noisy people, or inspires normally subdued people to get very excited. Craps is a fast moving game played with two dice, and is one of the most popular games on offer in the UK, with important casino game strategy. It is also a big-money srategy game, offering good returns if you get it right. There are definite right and wrong bets in craps, so it's worth finding out how to play before you get swept away by the excitement of the craps playing crowd. more

This game of chance, also known as pontoon or '21', has long been a favourite with punters around the world. It is a relatively simple game that offers nail-biting excitement at every round. more

Okay so you want to try your hand at some casino action and have decided that the simple sophistication of Baccarat is for you. No casino game strategy required? Wrong!
Firstly you need to learn how to say the word! It is said "bah-caw-rah", and not "back-a-rat" as most unsuspecting punters say. It is similar to the game known as "Chemin de Fer" in some countries. more

One of the most ancient and challenging of gambling games is Poker. This time-tested card game with the Hollywood reputation is one of the most popular of draw-cards at casinos (and in lounge rooms) around the world. more

Mikhail Gorbachev doesn't have anything to do with this game. We don't know what he does in his spare time..There is however English, American and French roulette which are found in Casinos all around the world. Roulette is one of the most basic games to play, so casino game strategy is less critical. However this lack of sophistication does mean there is an increase in the casino or gaming lounge's house edge. The game of roulette has been around for a long time, in fact it was in 1838 that the game of roulette began to take over from the not-so-sophisticated cards games which were subsequently ousted from the casinos. more

Guide to Gambling: Your guide to gambling rooms and playing other  games on the Internet exciting and fastest growing gambling in the world.

Put your newly-learned tips and strategy to use. Play one of these at a casino near you. Our UK landbased casino directory lists places to play in all major UK cities, from Aberdeen, Bristol and Bath, to London, Liverpool and Wolverhampton. Play to win.

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